Cosmo Paula

✨We are soooo happy to announce our first performer who will thrill you with her act! As you may know by now, this is CosmoPaula! And as you can see on the picture, she has her own kind of style in burlesque! She likes to put a story, or something funny in her acts! She says: ‘I’m not the most gracious dancer out there, but I enjoy acting on stage! Well more than enjoy, love it!‘. And we can tell that’s true!✨🤩 CosmoPaula from Belgium will perform friday 20/10/23


✨ This French dynamic duo will hit our stage saturday 21/10/23. These ladies are sexy, fierce and fun watching! " Collectif JazzLesk is a collective that offers different professional shows mixing burlesque and live jazz with sometimes, depending on the creation, a touch of magic, cabaret dance, theater and circus.’’

Circe La Greca

✨Our next performer from Greece is the lovely @circe_la_greca . On stage she’s gonna seduce you with her beautiful body movement. ‘I'm Circe, burlesque artist and dancer. I create breathtaking moments by embracing my feminine power. Burlesque inspires me to live fully by highlighting my sexuality beyond gender stereotypes. Each choreography is an empowerment against centuries of oppression.’ She take the stage on friday 20/10/23


✨ Boobiebonbon is a burlesque performer from Belgium. She brings an act that leave you breathless… and not only from shouting🔥 😉 Temptress of fatal curves and unholy assets. Boobie started her burlesque journey as a student of the Silkroom Burlesque School in Shanghai as a troupe and solo performer before she made her way back to the Europe. A dangerous woman who owns her femininity and isn’t afraid to use it. oppression.’ She take the stage on friday 20/10/23

Dotty Mac Lane

✨She has a wonderfull great contagious sense of humour but always with a sexy glumourous-twist. Dotty Mac Lane Burlesque is a french Burlesque performer based in Reims Champagne. And co producer of the Sacré Burlesque Festival. Self-proclaimed «Queen of Glumor », Dotty uses all the codes of classic Burlesque to divert them into comic-Burlesque acts mixing glamorous striptease and schooly humor, all sprinkled with self-deprecation and absurdity. It’s simple: take Dita Von Teese and Annie Cordy, put them in a shaker and you’ll get Dotty’s Glumour cocktail ! For 13 years, the Dotty Mac Lane tornado has been sowing its glitter in France and Europe. And since 2017, it has been running classes and workshops. On our stage 21/10/23 to gladly entertain you! Tickets:✨ Make sure you be there on sunday to because Dotty gives a workshop ‘Glumour’✨

Coco Colette

✨ Coco Colette is a Belgian performer known for her acts with a humorous edge. Her mimicry is boundless and her homemade costumes are incredibly beautiful! She will entertain you in her playful way on Saturday 21/10/23 during the festival.

The Wild Cherries

✨Ooh Yes, When we think about our next burlesque-troupe, the first what comes in mind is FUN! Sexy and classy ladies from The Wild Cherries shine on stage in their own spontaneous way. A must see! Burlesque company from Barcelona created in 2014, made up of women who are passionate about Burlesque, characterized by its originality, sensuality and elegance. These lovely performers make you want more on 20/10/23.

Jezzy Belle

✨Let us take you to South-Africa, where this beautiful performer lives. On 21/10/23 Jezzy Belle, Burlesque Artiste gonna sing and seduce at the same time… Hands up for this powerwoman! Jezzy Belle is the saucy siren of the Cape Town Burlesque scene, a longstanding member of the Rouge Revue’s Rougettes, and co-producer of Menage a Trois Burlesque. This curvy Queen owns every stage she graces with her wicked combination of old-world charm, coy flirtatiousness and sizzling sexuality.

Lily Froù

✨ This burlesque-queen from Poland is bringing 2 amazing acts to our festival. She will set the roof on fire with her lovely personality and dance on stage. 2 days, each day another act… No more doubts; get your tickets now before it’s to late! Lily Froù debut with burlesque on stage and it took place in 2014 (it was a duo founded by Lily herself). She’s been performing solo burlesque now for 3 years, both in Poland and abroad.

Miss Prudance

✨ Our next performer is hot as hell!🔥🔥 Be ready to be blown off your seat! Sassy, sexy and a little scary… Miss Prudance from London, is always ready to play. If you're lucky she might blow you a kiss, if you're not..then I hope you can run fast… 20/10/23 she will overpower you.

Arthur Lightstone

✨Oh boy, oh boy and what a boy! We are proud that Arthur Lightstone will make his sexy magic happen on 20/10 at our festival. This manlesquer lives in Belgium and is going to take you on a time travel…

Eva Des Lys

✨Elegant, classy, unique, breathtaking,.. are just a few words to describe our lovely next performer Eva Des Lys from France💗 French burlesque stripper and jazz opera singer, she has more than one trick up her sleeve. A glamorous, mystical and funny universe. Eva is also the creator and the co-producer of the Sacré Burlesque Festival, and organizer of the Burlesque party in Reims. 20/10/23 she takes over the stage at our festival.

Helena Enchanteasse

✨ Helena Enchanteasse from Belgium, will bring her incredible wonderfull act to the stage on 20/10/23. Be quick to buy your tickets and enjoy (2) nights of glitter & glamour.

Tula La Purr

✨Our second performer is the lovely @tula_lapurr.burlesque and is a promising newcomer burlesque performer based in Warsaw, Poland. Since 2021 She has been studying burlesque at Betty Q's Burlesque Academy under the supervision of leading Polish performers. Her acts are inspired by the popculture and femininity. She prefers classic burlesque and make you fall in love on Saturday 21/10/23 @ the Bruges Burlesque Festival. You must see this gorgeous lady on stage❣️✨

Ruby La Rouge

✨This powerfull lady from Finland; Ruby La Rouge will set the stage on fire 20/10/23. Ruby has been performing burlesque since 2016. She is known for her compelling smile, as well as her unfailing stage charisma. To the stages this red sparkler brings powerful women and mischievous humor, all wrapped in gracious movement. The face of flirt with a mind of dirt!

Tiny Djinn

✨Say hello to our next performer @tiny djinn who gives you goosebumps with 2 different acts on friday & saturday! This amazing lady from Belgium will also give a workshop ‘snake fluidity’ on sunday, more info about this later 😉 ‘I am a burlesque dancer at the Cabaret Mademoiselle in the center of Brussels since 5 years, I have danced in other cabaret and festival in London, Belgium and France. I have also been an oriental dancer for more than 10 years and actress and I like to mix my inspirations in numbers that I want to be mysterious, dreamlike, captivating, with a touch of humor and a lot of sharing. I love meeting other performer and public!’ Buy tour tickets now and enjoy 2 wonderfull evenings.

Violetta Poison

✨ All the way from Mexico! This stunning lady with an incredible act and a dazzling flow will enchant you with her act on 21/10/23 at our festival 🔥🔥 Violetta Poison is the hottest export from Mexico since Tabasco, and that's not even mexican! Her Burlesque is as versatile and beautiful as the country that she hails from: As intoxitating and spiritual as Mezcal or as juicy and cheesy as Quesadillas, Violetta Poison's shows will warm your heart until you're hot under the collar!

Rusty Ragdoll

✨She’s a natural ginger, she’s power, FUN and sexy. Come and see Miss Rusty Ragdoll at our festival 20/10/23. Her performances are in one word ‘entertainment’! With a subtile smile she takes you back in time… Ticketlink in bio✨

Dark ophelia

✨When we say ‘power, wicked, a little dark but oh so elegant’; than we are talking about our next delicious performer! Dark Ophelia is a dancer from Brno, Czechia, performing with burlesque since 2017. She has experience in pole dancing and tribal fusion, in addition to burlesque. She has participated in burlesque festivals both in the Czechia and abroad. Aside from performing she's also a photomodel, known for designing and creating all of her own costumes, often inspired by her longlasting love to the dark gothic music and subculture. Dark Ophelia take you on a magical ride Saturday 21/10/23. Ticketlink for the show: She also gives a workshop on sunday ‘Beaded Burlesque Costumes’, make sure you participate @

Razzle Dazzle Daisy

✨Hold on to your seat cause here is our performer from Belgium with a voice, lyrics and movements that will make you sizzle 🤩 From her experience as a musician in multiple projects, razzle_dazzle_daisy soon discovered that the ultimate experience for her is a velvet mix of quirky cabaret, coated in burlesque. She sees burlesque as a form of artistic striptease, in which the story, authenticity, interaction and costumes are what matter the most. Add a whiff of humour, singing et voilà! The Silky Way On stage 20/10/23

Bella La Rosa

✨ Belle La Rosa, a lovely and magnificent performer from Belgium is going to take you on a journey of passion & excitement on 21/10/23. Bubbly burlesque expressionist. Passionate to bring a smile or smirk on your face. Belle La rosa brings you a lot of colourful cheeky acts. She stares the audience right in the eyes to enchant them in her fantasy world.

Bettie Barock

✨ Shake your tail feathers when this lady stands in the spotlight! Our incredible artist from Belgium Bettie Barock is full of energy and let yourself be carried away by her story🔥 On our stage 21/10/23

Sous Amuse

✨Belgium has a great offer of artists, Sous Amuse (Suzanne van der Stap) is also one of them. Curious what she will bring? We can tell, on stage there’s going to be thunder and Lightning ⚡️ 29 years old, Dutchy living in Belgium. 4 years ago she did her first performance at the Amsterdam-School-of-Burlesque. The playfullness and power of Burlesque made her study Arts therapy in Ghent. Her thesis was about the therapeutical effects of the theatral aspects of Burlesque. And now She is back! Ready to hit our stage 20/10/23.

Cherry & Carmilla

✨An Italian duo that will warm you up just by looking at them. These two lovely ladies love to entertain you and eachother😉 🔥 Cherry and Carmilla Show is an burlesque duo active since 2011. Starting from a background based on classical and egyptyan dance and improvisational theatre, the "Cabaresque Show" evolved into a variety show, where retro corsets and futuristic light numbers are blended into an inspired, catpivating and sexy spectacle. They make the temperature rise 21/10/23

Veda Decadenza

✨ Veda DeCadenza is a nice appearance from Finland who will let you enjoy her beautiful classy act with a humorous wink.😉 This queen of subtle dirtiness will indulge you with decadent delights! Since 2015 Veda has been performing all around Europe, and also entertained audiences in the USA. Veda's versatile performances are a mix of seductive sensuality and pleasurable playfulness, and they're inspired by strong female figures, of past and present. Performing 20/10/23 at our festival.

Scarlet Monrose

✨Our last performer is also someone from Belgium. Scarlet Monrose is ready to seduce you on 21/10/23.

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